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Each application in Nucleus works together to get results.

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Nucleus Web
Create your central hub website

Top 3 reasons to use Nucleus Web:

  1. Watch engagement increase by switching to a ‘central hub’ website
  2. Put an end to people asking “what time was that event again?”
  3. Happier staff and pastors thanks to how easy it is to use Nucleus
  • Eliminate congregation confusion once and for all

    Most churches confuse their congregations with chaotic messaging: Check the bulletin! Call the church! Talk to the pastor! Sadly, messy communication like this is complicated and results in fewer next steps.

  • A single destination for every single next step at your church

    Nucleus Web is the all-in-one central hub for your church. Simply by consolidating every connection point at your church into a single destination – you can expect to see an increase in next steps and engagement.

  • Reclaim time & money starting now

    Most churches spend considerable resources printing and prepping bulletins, entering information by hand, or maintaining a mobile app that very few people in their church actually use. With Nucleus Web, all that time and money is reclaimed.

  • Always make a great first impression

    First impressions are made online. Sadly, according to our research, 96% of church websites fail the first impression test - but yours doesn’t have to. Nucleus Web is built with new visitors in mind.

  • Straightforward and easy drag & drop editor

    The Nucleus Web drag & drop editor is incredibly simple and straightforward to use. In fact, it was specifically designed to be used by the everyday church staff member or volunteer. No coding skills are required.

  • Powerful form builder & submissions dashboard

    The built-in form generator and submissions dashboard truly sets Nucleus Web apart from other platforms. Now you can build signup forms directly into your church’s website and send submissions immediately to ministry leaders.

The Old Way

A static “brochure-style” website

  • Information-heavy & focused on promoting in-person events and services
  • Always a hassle to update & maintain
  • Rarely visited because it lacks everyday use for your congregation
  • Frustrating for potential new visitors - leaving a poor first impression
The New Way

Create your central hub website

  • No more struggling with complicated website software
  • Highly-trafficked every day as people take next steps and use your website for online signups beyond Sunday morning
  • Presents a clear path for guests to plan their visit with an effective follow-up plan so no one ever feels overlooked or forgotten
The best part? Nucleus Web gets results.
Nucleus Sermons
A beautiful home for every sermon

Top 3 reasons to use Nucleus Sermons:

  1. Give every sermon a home on your church’s website
  2. Beautifully organize your message archives
  3. Boost SEO by publishing your sermons on your own platform
  • Create custom playlists for sermons

    Beautifully organize messages by series, speaker, topic, or however you choose. Custom playlists give you the power to arrange sermons in the ways that best fit your church’s needs.

  • Improve your search engine optimization

    Stop sending people to other platforms that don’t belong to you to watch and listen to your messages. Instead, work to improve your SEO by putting every message directly on your church’s website.

  • Your entire library of sermons hosted online

    Hosting your full library of sermons directly on your website gives your church the ability to go back and re-listen to messages to engage with them again - or catch-up on messages they may have missed.

  • Attach downloadable resources to every message

    Effortlessly attach Scriptures, group questions, transcripts, and more to every message. Nucleus Sermons gives you the ability to expand every teaching beyond the recorded message.

  • Instantly create your own podcast feed

    Stop paying a third-party service to host and distribute your podcasts. Easily create an auto-updating podcast feed with just the press of a button using Nucleus Sermons.

  • Perfectly tuned for an effortless mobile experience

    Nucleus Sermons looks and feels great on every mobile device - making it the perfect platform for your congregation to engage with your latest messages on the go directly from their phones and tablets.

The Old Way

Post your sermon videos on third-party social platforms

  • Sacrifice a boost in web traffic and SEO because your sermons aren’t archived on your church’s own website
  • Pay to host your podcast through another third-party service
  • Poor organization makes finding past messages difficult
The New Way

A beautiful home for every sermon on your own website

  • Custom playlists to beautifully organize sermons by series, speaker, topic, or however you choose
  • Easily create an auto-updating podcast feed with just the press of a button
  • Effortlessly attach Scriptures, group questions, transcripts, and more to every sermon
The best part? Nucleus Sermons gets results.
Nucleus was already great. But Nucleus Sermons is what put it over the top for us to move away from our app and consolidate our web presence into one single location
Craig Marsh
Worship Pastor
For years we used overpriced solutions for our sermon players that never integrated into our website, but with Nucleus Sermons, we finally have the all in one solution that the local church needs! This just saved our church and extra $179 dollars a month!
Worth Crowley
Nucleus Social
Daily, done-for-you social media

Top 3 reasons to use Nucleus Social:

  1. Discover social media content proven to boost engagement
  2. Move beyond posting just to post (that’s no strategy at all)
  3. Never worry again about keeping up with the latest design trends or algorithm updates
  • Daily, done-for-you social media posts

    A new social post for every day of the month (video and image-based) - focused on stopping the scroll, starting meaningful conversations, and provoking spiritual practice.

  • Unlimited customizations to make it uniquely yours

    Need a change to one of the social media posts you receive? We’ve got you covered. In fact, you’ll be able to request unlimited text and video changes for every social media post you receive from us.

  • After Effects & Photoshop project files

    You’ll get access to every Photoshop and After Effects project file for each individual social media post. This gives you ultimate control and offers you the ability to transform every post however you see fit.

  • Copy & paste pre-written captions

    No more staring at a blinking cursor on your phone wondering what to write! Every post comes with a pre-written caption. All you need to do is copy-and-paste the caption into your post and you’re done.

  • Hours of reclaimed time every single week

    Social media probably isn’t your only responsibility at church. We get that. So here’s the great news: you can expect to reclaim ~5-10 staff hours when you start using Nucleus Social.

  • Finally start posting with a purpose

    Most churches know social is important. But very few understand how to use it properly. The result? Most churches post on social just because. With Nucleus Social, you’ll be confident that every day you’re posting with purpose.

The Old Way

Struggling to keep up with social

  • Mostly using social to make announcements and promote in-person events and services
  • Constantly looking at what other churches are doing trying to find inspiration
  • Endlessly treading water online without a concrete strategy
The New Way

Daily, done-for-you social media posts

  • A posting strategy proven to start conversations and provoke spiritual practice
  • Using social *for* ministry - not simply to promote other ministries
  • Unlimited customizations performed by us upon request to make each post uniquely yours
The best part? Nucleus Social gets results.
Nucleus Giving
Keep 100% of every online donation

Top 3 reasons to use Nucleus Giving:

  1. Never lose money to processing fees ever again
  2. Encourage giving more effectively with modern giving tools
  3. Manage it all effortlessly with a powerful admin dashboard
  • Keep 100% of every online donation - always

    Churches can save thousands every year simply by switching to Nucleus Giving and our fixed-cost pricing model — where your church only pays for the platform. All other fees are covered by us, and your givers.

  • Say goodbye to fees and rev-share forever

    Most church giving providers keep a percentage of every single donation your church receives. Crazy, right? It’s called rev-share. It’s a tax for using their platform. And the more money your church receives - the more you lose.

  • Accept donations on every single page of your website

    Nucleus Giving is the only church giving platform that empowers your church to accept donations in a custom-branded environment, directly on every single page of your website. You can even start giving on one page, and finish on another.

  • Experience the power of GivingFlows, not forms

    Instead of lengthy, old-school forms, Nucleus Giving accepts donations through modern, intelligent GivingFlows. A GivingFlow asks for one piece of information at a time — and this alone has shown to boost conversion rates by 36%!

  • Custom branded to always look like you

    You don’t have to be design or tech savvy. We’ve developed a solution that lets you choose a single color, add your church’s logo, and then watch it magically create a stunning giving experience.

  • Powerful admin tools that are always simple to use

    It’s easy to get things set up — including funds, GivingFlow, and inviting other pastors or admins with their own accounts and permission levels! You can setup custom giving triggers, and see current and historical giving at a glance.

Nucleus Giving is powered by RebelGive

Learn More

The Old Way

Lose ~3% of every gift thanks to bloated processing fees

  • Watch your giving provider keep a percentage of every online donation you receive (it’s called rev-share)
  • Clunky giving forms that were originally designed in the 90’s
  • Send givers to a third-party platform to accept donations on a page that looks nothing like your website
The New Way

Keep 100% of every online donation - always

  • Reclaim thousands of dollars in your first year by eliminating rev-share forever
  • Encourage giving more effectively with intuitive GivingFlows (instead of clunky forms)
  • Empower giving on every single page of your existing website
The best part? Nucleus Giving gets results.
I have been researching digital giving solutions online and recently discovered RebelGive. I must have gone through more than 15 companies that offered similar features and costs; frankly, they all looked alike, and I was not that impressed until I came across RebelGive. Wow! Congratulations! You have developed a beautiful, simple product, with features no other provider offers. Also, your pricing philosophy is pure genius.
Joel Calleiro
Since switching to Nucleus, our giving is up 105% from this week last year. We’re thrilled to have Nucleus as a major tool in our church’s growth.
Devin Mitchem
Student Pastor
Nucleus Media
Unlimited 4K stock footage downloads

Top 3 reasons to use Nucleus Media:

  1. Immediate, unlimited access to 20,000+ 4K stock footage clips
  2. Every clip shot specifically with churches in mind
  3. Upgrade your church videos with professional footage
  • Unlimited 4K stock video downloads

    Traditional stock footage sites are prohibitively expensive for most churches. Instead of charging $200-$500 for a single clip, Nucleus Media gives you unlimited access to our entire 4K library. No download limits. No restrictions. No exceptions.

  • Tell a story with complete scenes

    Instead of stand-alone clips, the entire Nucleus Media library of footage is intelligently grouped together in scenes, to help you tell a story. Within each scene, you’ll find the same subject matter shot in a variety of angles and formats.

  • Professional formats and codecs

    From licensed drone operators to experienced videographers, our team of professionals delivers the highest level of quality in every scene. You’ll find every clip in ProRes with 4K and 1080p resolutions to choose from.

  • Graded & ungraded options for ultimate flexibility

    Footage on Nucleus Media is delivered in graded and ungraded formats. This allows you to speed up your edit with footage that is already perfectly colored. Or, customize each clip with your own coloring by starting with an ungraded clip.

  • A never-ending supply of footage

    New footage is released weekly through Nucleus Media so your church always has up-to-date and relevant footage at your fingertips for your next big event or sermon series.

  • $4 million worth of video content

    The average 4K stock video clip costs ~$200 USD. With more than 20,000+ 4K clips available on Nucleus Media, you’ll get instant access to more than $4,000,000 worth of video content!

The Old Way

Overpaying for individual stock video clips

  • Endlessly sorting through corporate stock footage trying to find a clip that will work for your church
  • Limiting the scope of your church’s next video project because you don’t have the right gear, budget, or location access
  • Unable to create videos for your church at all because you don’t have the team or resources needed to capture the right shots
The New Way

Unlimited 4K stock video downloads

  • Every scene and clip shot specifically with churches in mind
  • Effortlessly browse an ever-expanding library of more than 20,000+ clips
  • No more sorting through piles of unusable stock footage - choose the right angle from intelligently grouped scenes to tell the perfect story
The best part? Nucleus Media gets results.
Nucleus Media is incredible! Not only does it save money, but it is HUGELY helpful because individual clips are grouped together in scenes. I can get as many clips as I want from a specific scene, and it looks phenomenal! Couldn't be happier!
Katie Winton
I always struggled with finding stock video clips that fit within our budget. But with Nucleus Media, I now have unlimited access to thousands of video clips for the same price as just one clip from other websites.
Ryan Nearhood
It's hard to describe just how much of a gamechanger Nucleus Media is for filmmaking. The time and money I save are alone worth it, but Nucleus Media offers some of the highest quality footage I've ever seen. Better than anything I could film myself and in locations I could never visit. I'm blown away by how amazing this service is.
Josh Bissel
I'm a father of six that works two jobs. I was able to produce my first video in less than an hour as I waited for our garage door spring to be replaced. I have no idea how much time and effort this would have taken without Nucleus Media. To say this changes the game for people like me is an understatement.
Plays well with others

As a modern platform, Nucleus can work in tandem with other tools you may have, so you don’t have to change everything all at once. Plus, we’re always growing and adding more native solutions to help cover all the bases.

Nucleus has a ton of powerful features. And the list is growing.
  • World class support through strategy sessions, email tickets, and phone calls

  • Exclusive access to our private group of Nucleus users for peer-to-peer support and collaboration

  • No contracts required or long-term commitments - cancel any time

  • 30-day free trial with no credit card required - you’ll only be charged if and when you choose to enter your payment details

  • Extensive documentation and walkthrough videos available 24/7 in our Help Center

  • Single-click templates to help you build your ‘central hub’ website in record time

  • Nucleus Web readily transforms into a ‘next steps kiosk’ that can be stationed in your church’s lobby

  • The entire Nucleus platform is built mobile-first responsive to ensure the best experience for mobile users - always

  • The Nucleus Blog breaks down step-by-step strategies for how to implement Nucleus in your church

Join over 115,000+ people taking more next steps every week using Nucleus.

Start setting up Nucleus for your church today and try everything free. We don’t even require a credit card!

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