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You want to see your church full of active participants - not passive spectators. Nucleus is the first platform designed to help you do that.

Join over 115,000+ people using Nucleus. No credit card required.
Nucleus helps grow your church, by focusing on growing your people. One next step at a time.

And it’s helping drive results for churches in every major area.

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The Old Way

A static “brochure-style” website

  • Information-heavy & focused on promoting in-person events and services
  • Always a hassle to update & maintain
  • Rarely visited because it lacks everyday use for your congregation
  • Frustrating for potential new visitors - leaving a poor first impression
The New Way

Create your central hub website

  • No more struggling with complicated website software
  • Highly-trafficked every day as people take next steps and use your website for online signups beyond Sunday morning
  • Presents a clear path for guests to plan their visit with an effective follow-up plan so no one ever feels overlooked or forgotten
Churches change for the better when they start using Nucleus
“Our engagement jumped 53%”
Jason Bedell, Lead Pastor, Forefront Church
As a ‘small church’ pastor, the idea of Nucleus was a hurdle. I’m glad I got over that, and how! Nucleus has sparked our small church to begin adopting a medium-sized self image. #nolookingback
Dan Sparling
I was surprised to see the first person I saw use our Nucleus and fill out a form was an older woman in her late 60s. I think people aren't nearly as afraid of change as we may think.
Adam Townsend
As a brand new church plant, Nucleus has been invaluable! I have a full-time job, a family and I'm also the lead Pastor. I don't have time to figure out a complicated platform or spend too much time updating our website. Nucleus has been our answer! Easy and quick to implement and update. Also, instead of a complicated slew of clipboards and sign-ups at our welcome table, it now happens online!
Barry Hughes
Nucleus gets results

We’re living through the biggest communication shift in 500 years. And that’s why we built Nucleus, because we believe the most important metric your church should care about is next steps.

Join over 115,000+ people taking more next steps every week using Nucleus.

Start setting up Nucleus for your church today and try everything free. We don’t even require a credit card!

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