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“Nucleus has led to more types of sign-ups. People went to sign up for XYZ, but wound up also signing up to get baptized or submit a prayer request. We used to have to challenge people to get baptized and now they’re taking their next steps on their own - just because Nucleus gave them an opportunity.”

David F.

Nucleus is the future of church websites. It’s amazing to have such a user-friendly plug & play style website builder with easy templates so that I could quickly design a site that is also easy for the church to use.”

Alyssa R.

“Since launching our new site with Nucleus, we have seen an increase in engagement on the site from our members and the community. We should have switched sooner.

Nicholas H.

“User-friendly. Elegant and smooth operation. Best customer service out there. Period... Nucleus has been the single, most important addition to our organization in 20 years without question.”

Thayne S.

Literally among the best platforms out there. Site creation is beautiful and easy. Nucleus is always innovating and staying current with the industry trends and needs. I sat her trying to think of a con... I don’t have one.

David F.

The look of the site is so clean and modern that I get compliments on it all the time. I just smile and say "Thanks!" knowing that I didn't spend hours designing it. We had a salesperson for a church app calling us constantly right after we signed up for Nucleus. When I asked about prices, there was some convoluted formula about how much your church brings in yearly and the number of members/average attendance. It was going to be half of my media budget just for an app. Nucleus has a flat fee, so I know how much it will be, no matter how large our church grows.

Alyssa R.

Without a doubt...Nucleus is the single most important and effective investment we have made as a church. It's not close. The results that I can directly trace to its implementation are overwhelming. 40% of our church growth in the past month is SOLELY due to our Nucleus site...and we haven't even scratched the surface of its capabilities. SHC.CHURCH is thrilled to be part of the Nucleus family!

Nicholas H.

Our church LOVES Nucleus and its features! For us, it has to be simple to use and it totally is. The first person that filled out a Flow was a 73-year-old lady! She later told me how easy it was to use.

Thayne S.

“We started this past Monday posting your content, and have had ~1,000 ENGAGEMENTS in the last 4 days alone! 🙌 Thanks to you and the team for all your hard work!”

Nucleus Customer

“It’s hard to describe just how much of a game changer Nucleus Media is for filmmaking. The time and money I save are alone worth it, but Nucleus Media offers some of the highest quality footage I’ve ever seen.”

Josh B

“I always struggled with finding stock video clips that fit within our budget. But with Nucleus Media, I now have unlimited access to thousands of video clips for the same price as just one clip from other websites.”

Ryan N.

“We posted a countdown prayer post a couple days ago and the response was amazing! People were praying and praying overtime just because they felt they needed to! Absolutely love these.”

Nucleus Customer

“[Church of 700] Data nerd here. I HAD to run the exact numbers. If we had gone with Tithely like we almost did, we would have lost $48k this past year.”

Blaine, Administrator

“I know I’m not supposed to say this, but is this the Pushpay killer? We are losing $10,000+ a year in fees, not to mention their ridiculous monthly costs as you grow. I don’t care if Elevation and Gateway use it, if we can save money and reach more people with Nucleus Giving, I’m in!”

Alyssa R.

“Since switching, our giving is up 105% from this week last year. We’re thrilled to have Nucleus Giving as a major tool in our church’s growth.”

Devin, Lead Pastor

“We use it. Our bookkeeper LOVES it… AND, we are saving around $6000 a year over the last platform we were using. It is a win all around!”

Bryan, Senior Pastor

Absolutely worth every penny and then some! I am absolutely thrilled, things that used to take hours now take mere moments and look 10 times better. Nucleus saves me HOURS of work time. Customer service, look, feel, ease of editing, sermon engine, social media posts. Everything is absolutely fabulous and yet they seem to never stop improving. Our website is used more, and is more functional than ever!

James E.

I’m very excited about implementing the Next Steps Launcher on our site. The templates that Nucleus provides shows that they’ve thought of everything! I love how simple it is to implement and the customer service team has been stellar in getting us up and running. Thank you for a quality product that’s helping the Church reach more people!

Nate B.

We were paying $100/month for our church app. Nucleus came along and shattered everything we knew about church websites and apps. A conservative estimate is 10 staff hours a week that we saved by moving from a church app and WordPress site to Nucleus. AND Nucleus outperforms everything else! Best decision I've made in my 4+ years of managing media for my church.

Gabe T.

Thought I'd drop you a note to let you know our church's reach has increased 800% and our engagement has climbed 550% since last year. Absolutely insane - THANK YOU!

Nucleus Customer

Just got to say, I’m super pleased with The Launcher! We’ve been pushing next steps through The Launcher and it’s working! Just this month alone we’ve had over 25 interactions with our next steps Flows. Thanks, Nucleus team!

Nucleus Customer

We love Nucleus! Its sooo easy to use and it just keeps getting better! I am the church administrator for a small church with little to no web-based knowledge and I was able to build our Nucleus myself. Most importantly, the support team at Nucleus is always friendly and extremely responsive.

Mario Z.

With Nucleus, we've ended the battle of "Where do we point people?!" Sometimes it was the lobby, or an email to a staff member, other times a signup form. Now there isn't a question. Send them to Nucleus. Our engagement has gone up, ease of event sign-ups and information, and more importantly, people are spending less time hunting for info and more time face to face. This is one of many reasons we love using Nucleus.

Jason B

I was surprised to see the first person I saw use Nucleus and fill out a form was an older woman in her late 60s. I think people aren't nearly as afraid of change as we may think.

Adam T.

I don't think I put this in the email, but one of the first people to sign-up was a 70+-year-old lady... She was one of the last I thought would EVER submit anything!

Nucleus Customer

Just wanted to let you guys know you are NEXT LEVEL. I have about 75% of our Nucleus done and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how fast I can build it. It's nothing short of amazing. This is the perfect solution for our small church and for me who wears about 150 different hats here and loves to create content that looks so professional! You guys are cutting edge and killing the game for real. Thank you so much!

Nucleus Customer

Had five more submissions come in the afternoon! I know you guys hear it all the time, but Nucleus has been an absolutely crucial piece as our church moves out of the 1900s communication strategies. Made my job so much easier and our church has responded so positively. Please pass on my gratitude to the rest of your team!

Ashton B.

The lobby in my church is really small. When we had paper sign-ups, people would not even bother! Since launching our central hub on Nucleus, our sign-ups are more effective! For the first time ever, we have 70% of our Sunday attendance connected to groups, just because it was easier for them to take the next step!

Riley P.

We have had 150 people register 425 kids for our trunk or treat tomorrow! We are a small church, these results are unheard of! We are very excited.

Nucleus Customer

With the release of Nucleus Flows, we were able to facilitate and create a Flow sign up for an upcoming volunteer event within minutes. This was a collaborative event with multiple churches. We received endless questions about what Flows are, if it’s as easy as it looks, can my church do this also, etc. What I’m trying to say is the opportunity to have access to Nucleus has been life-changing for our church. We are able to see church involvement/volunteering and church tithing gradually grow within the last couple of years. I am so grateful!

Larisa F.

Nucleus is super easy to use. Even if you don't know anything about website design, it's easy. I love the drag and drop and the templates that are available. Their customer service is excellent. They are constantly updating the software, making more things available to give customers more options.

Amy M.

I tell everyone who asks to get Nucleus. Best subscription we have.

Alexander P.

Loooove Nucleus. I was a beta tester. Now that it's all shined up and raking in the next steps signups, our staff loves it, too. In fact, my Associate Pastor leaned over during our staff meeting a couple of weeks ago to whisper, "I love Nucleus. LOVE it." The team is very quick and eager to respond to support questions as well as suggestions. They're still building it up with more and more features. We get signups for events that we haven't even promoted yet.

Jen S.

Our church LOVES Nucleus and its features! For us, it has to be simple to use and it totally is. The first person that filled out a Flow was a 73-year-old lady! She later told me how easy it was to use. Nucleus has been and continues to be the primary driver for people to take next steps in our church!


When it came time to redesign our website, I did a lot of research. I had heard of Nucleus, so I looked into what it offered. I decided to give it a try and have not regretted that decision. I had a lot of pages to rebuild when switching over, and it was done in way less time than it would have been done on other editors. The pages that Nucleus creates are clean, modern, and feature only what you need. And the fact that it is designed mobile-first means that it is future-proof in this digital age!

Daniel C.

In eight short months, we've collected 734 Flow submissions and we have 370 contacts registered in Nucleus People. With our Sunday attendance averaging 625 onsite and online, we are thrilled with this response!

Jen S.

Amazing. Super simple for everyone to use. Most of our team is 60+ years old.

Nucleus Customer

We just got a donation for $40,000. Thanks to you we received 100% of it and it only cost the giver 25 cents!

David F.

Before we joined Nucleus, our website was a static page that hadn't been updated in 5 years. There was no reason for our own members to ever check in because nothing ever changed. It was effective at one thing though, creating a sad first impression for newcomers looking for a church home. We will never know how many people came to our old website and were quickly turned away due to outdated information and stock photos. Nucleus has been a breath of fresh air. The simplicity is unbeatable. For the price, there is nothing like it. I am one of 2 staff members at a small rural church with little to no budget for anything website or media related. The services which Nucleus offers are constantly improving. Not to mention their incredibly friendly and effective staff that are there to help you every step of the way.

Kyle T.

Nucleus has more than paid for itself. The simplification of communication and signups in our church has been phenomenal over the past year. We almost don't even need announcements anymore because our congregation has it in their head that they can find everything they need in one place -- anytime, anywhere.

Jacob M.

We just got a donation of $1,000 for our new building. We didn't have to pay any percentage and the people donating didn't have to pay any percentage. $0.25 with the bank account. Best. Company. Ever.

David Y.

We just launched Nucleus in December and love it! It's incredibly simple, user friendly for any staff to update, and it has really bolstered people taking next steps. A lot of families are using the Plan A Visit option to let us know they are coming.

Ben S.

We received a $5,000 gift yesterday. No fees thanks to Nucleus. The giver had never used the platform and it was done within seconds. An added bonus is our giving during this season increased more than any other time in the 5-year history of our church.

Nucleus Customer

We love Nucleus - our church website has never looked better - it's designed with churches in mind whereas other similar platforms we've used are not. It just works. And it just looks good.

Sammy D.

My favorite feature of Nucleus is Nucleus.

Gary A.

The central hub gave us the ability to promote things on Facebook with an immediate action step... So all of a sudden people were signing up for things all week long. We used to only have people indicate interest in something on Sundays. Now, we have more people sign up on weekdays for things.

Adam D.

In the midst of all this craziness and knowing so many churches are struggling without meeting, we had a $42,000 donation come in today which was $4,000 more than our weekly budget. Thanks to what you stand for, this was done without the fee. Truly amazing and in awe of their generosity and my thankfulness to you guys! Thank you!

Nucleus Customer

Nucleus is a NO BRAINER. I am saving SO much time in administering our site. On top of that, our people are connecting and able to maneuver the site and find the forms they are looking for very easily. Our church has been using Nucleus as our website builder since 2020 and I am so upset that we didn't jump on earlier. It is SO easy to set up and it's impossible to mess up. It looks amazing and works so smoothly. Our web engagement and our sign-ups for first-time guests, events, classes, and programs have DRASTICALLY increased! I've used other church web builders and WordPress, and neither of them can compare.

Tito S.

As a ‘small church’ pastor, the idea of Nucleus was a hurdle. I’m glad I got over that, and how! Nucleus has sparked our small church to begin adopting a medium-sized self image. #nolookingback

Dan S.

Our Bookkeeper LOVES it. She said the reporting is so easy and much better than other platforms. Individuals also can download their own report or view their own report at any time which means she doesn't have to! AND, we are saving around $6000 a year over the last one we were using. It is a win all around!


As a brand new church plant, Nucleus has been invaluable! I have a full-time job, a family, and I'm also the lead pastor. I don't have time to figure out a complicated platform or spend too much time updating our website. Nucleus has been our answer! Easy and quick to implement and update. Also, instead of a complicated slew of clipboards and sign-ups at our welcome table, it now happens online!

Barry H.

THANK YOU Brady and the whole Nucleus team. Today we received a donation of $20,000 through Nucleus with no cost to the church and no cost to the donor because of your efforts.

Ed M.

Our church switched to Nucleus Giving less than 6 months ago. But total giving has been up about 20%. We now have over 50% recurring givers and before it was about 5%. It's been incredible to see the increased level of generosity in our church.


At a time when I have needed our church’s website to be quickly pliable and maximally flexible, I give thanks to God for our Nucleus site. I further give thanks that all of this has been the greatest of ease despite me being but a humble pastor of this church and not a computer whiz.

Dan S.

Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to Brady Shearer and the whole Nucleus team. Our church website is now the first church website search result when searching for churches in our town. For context, we’re in a smaller town of about 5,000-ish people and there are 15-20 churches in the area. Our church is about 200-ish people. Nucleus works. So blessed to be crushing the website game because of Nucleus. You all are the best!

Steven B.

WE SIGNED UP!!!! Finally... Can't wait to use Nucleus. Excited about the future and seeing what else you guys are dreaming up and creating over there!

Nucleus Customer

I know I'm not supposed to say this, but is this the PushPay killer? We are losing $10,000+ a year in fees, not to mention their ridiculous monthly costs as you grow. I don't care if Elevation and Gateway use it, if we can save money and reach more people, I'm in!

Josh S.

Nucleus was a game-changer for all communications in our church. Even those that aren't tech-savvy have been able to utilize this new tool. It has greatly improved where we want to go as a church.

Juan C.

This is hands down the BEST church website builder platform out there. they are always adding awesome new features and its always 100% stable.

Jesse C.

This is our first year using Nucleus, but as it stands now, our engagement is up 53% from last year. The only thing different? Nucleus. Pretty cool.

Jason B.

Hi, data nerd here. I HAD to run the exact numbers now that we've had a full year of using Nucleus Giving. If we had gone with, like we almost did, we would have lost $48k this past year 😱 Thank you all for what you do and for the mission you have.


There isn't any easier-to-use web builder for churches. Most church staff have no experience building or even editing websites. With a tool like Nucleus, just about anyone could run the church website.

Tim A.

I was having trouble setting up my Nucleus, not because it is complicated but because I am a 43-year-old noob. So I started a help ticket. Ryland...let me repeat RYLAND was honestly the most outstanding customer service representative that I have ever had help me online...ever! He was personable and friendly and .......... human! I was already probably going to use Nucleus but now, ITS A LOCK! You can thank your great customer service for that!

Nucleus Customer

We would have lost over $3,000 of income to fees if it wasn't for Nucleus Giving. I was somewhat skeptical, but it is working amazingly!


Thank you! We have been getting killed with fees using, so thank you all for creating a platform where money given is money received! :)

Nucleus Customer

Nucleus has been a game-changer in our church. Their easy-to-use website builder has allowed us to have a sharp and modern website for a reasonable price. I can not recommend Nucleus enough. They are a company whose main goal is helping the church.

Micah H.

It's unlike any other church website builder. It's easy to use, easy to edit, and looks great!

David C.

I've got to say my experience with Nucleus has been AWESOME. Brady and team are servants for real. No joke. And the customer support is the best I've experienced. Thanks, guys. I just brought our 60-year-old church into the 21st century. Yippee.

Campbell L.

Sitting here working on finances for our church and just crunching "pandemic giving". Since March 9 when the [pandemic stuff] hit the fan – our churches giving shot through the roof online. We've brought in nearly 6 figures and saved roughly $3,000 in fees. 74.5% of total giving has been online. We are a church of about 250. I'm pretty much blown away…

Nucleus Customer

After reviewing other products, Nucleus met and exceeded the needs a church needs to sustain a successful website and presence. The built-in features and functionality make it a very effective and streamlined tool for ministering with people online. Customer service has been great, informative, and empathetic. The patience and professionalism with troubleshooting along with a great personality make it welcoming to provide any question big, small, difficult, or easy.

Michael A.

At a time when everything about my job is so frustrating and I'm having more fails than wins....Nucleus is the one thing I can point to that I feel is consistently working well! We got our site up right before all this broke out and I was rushed to get it done even then. We still have lots of tweaks but that's for later but SOOO thankful that we got it up and running because it's been THE best, THE most efficient, THE most effective way of getting things done and organizing people.

Deanna H.

It has been a huge blessing to our people and our budget. We had a number of people who took away online giving because of the fees, but they are back now and so excited that our church gets all the funds they give. It has also made it easier on our account staff to process weekly giving.

Sean W.

Nucleus is by far my favorite website builder for churches. We have tried Clover, Faithlife, Squarespace, Wix, and others. Brady and his team have done an incredible job! You would be wise to go with them for sure.


Simple. Unique. Effective. Nucleus seamlessly propelled our church into ditching paper and effectively using technology to keep our church family involved and in the loop.

Cody K.

Question: I discovered that since we moved our online giving to your platform last year, we have received over $422,000 through your system. With our previous giving system we would have paid 1-3% for the privilege of receiving that money, or $4000-$12,000 in addition to their monthly fee! My question is, what exactly do you expect us to do with all that money we saved on fees? Ministry??

Nucleus Customer

We replaced our mobile app with Nucleus as soon as it launched because it better fit our mission of being a church for those not here yet. The mobile app required an guest-friendly! Our engagement and signups are through the roof and we use a lot less paper. Cannot recommend Nucleus enough...for any size church!

Jen S.

Nucleus changed how we communicate to our church, making it easier for people to sign up and see up-to-date information without calling the church admin staff. Plus, it's so easy to use. I don't do any web design or anything too techy, but this is so easy that I can update it daily with no problems.

Linnea M.

Everyone at the Nucleus team, led by Brady Shearer, is first class. This product has truly been top-notch, and it has impacted countless people for the gospel - people that may have never been reached otherwise. Thank you all for what you do. You rock. 👏🙏

Cameron C.

There is so much that is great about Nucleus Giving. For one, we are now getting over 2/3 of our giving online which saves time depositing checks and counting cash, plus people are setting up weekly and monthly giving so we can better judge how much will be coming in month-to-month. The cost savings paid off in the first month. We have a large giver that gives with an AMEX card that we were being charged 5% by our old processor. On this one donor's gifts we saved more than the annual cost of Nucleus Giving. Amazingly, the people are also happy to help pay the processing fee so we get 100% of their gift.

Sean E.

This is a game-changer! Makes web design simple and efficient. The best web designer I have EVER worked with and their customer service makes everything even better!

James E.

Brady and his team have created an amazing resource for churches in the Nucleus platform. They take all of the guesswork out of the equation and help you create a functional and visually appealing website.

Ben C.

Nucleus truly is the best church site builder on the market. They are innovative, dependable, and provide insanely high-quality products that make next steps very appealing and accessible. I highly recommend them in every category!

David F.

Just discovered that our growing church paid over $3400 in processing fees in 2018. Ouch. Could've been used for the Kingdom if we had this system in place.

Nucleus Customer

Nucleus is VERY intuitive. I’m a complete novice when it comes to website design and they make it SO easy! They also have incredible customer service that is readily available to help when I have questions or want feedback. Simply the best and will not switch from them!

Zachary W.

Every church needs this! My overall experience with Nucleus has been positive. I’m very grateful to the creators. They continue to add so much value to the platform. It just keeps getting better and better. I am tech illiterate and I felt confident using Nucleus to single-handedly recreate our church website. I honestly can’t think of anything that disappointed me about Nucleus. Anything I thought could be improved was. They are extremely responsive to what their customers want.

Krystal A.

I've been waiting for someone to disrupt this industry that has been making a LOT of money off of the charity of others. I still have PushPay calling me every 6 months after 3 years of saying, "thanks but no thanks." We've been happy with our current provider, but I remember someone at our business meeting asking what this sizable line item was, and we had to reluctantly explain: that's our online giving fees, but that's the cost of doing business these days. Thankfully our giving did go up and our takeaway was greater, but not by much. This WILL make a difference for our church. Keep innovating!

Daniel M.

Nucleus was a life-saver for me! I'm a one-man tech department at my church going through the process of rebranding EVERYTHING - including a complete redesign of our website. The ease and speed with which I got my website up and running was great! They had tutorials walking me through everything that was above my head, and they have AWESOME customer service, helping graciously with any and every issue I've ever brought to them. I can't say enough good things about Nucleus! It's perfect for smaller churches, easy to set up, easy to maintain, and looks fantastic on the front-end! Pastors, for the sanity of your web guy, if they want it, let them get Nucleus!

Nucleus Customer

One thing I have loved about Nucleus is its simplicity. Of course, me being an older millennial, I picked it up fine. Still, our church secretary, who is older and historically struggles with all things software, mentioned that she was able to navigate the website after one time of being shown how. Thanks for all you do! Nucleus has made our small-town church have a significant impact without much effort on our end. Thank you again!

Aaron V.

I am blown away (as always) and am glad someone figured this out. Just a few months ago we switched to, because it was so much better than PushPay. That was a big cut in cost, but this is even more. Nucleus Giving will be $5,124 less a year than PushPay and $2,736 less a year than even

Ryan B.

Nucleus is so easy to use. We’re a medium-sized UK church with a small staff team - so all things communications and website are down to me (along with a host of other things unrelated to this!). I found WordPress a fairly steep learning curve, not having been involved in the creation of our site. Migrating to Nucleus has been so simple and easy. Best communications decision we’ve made yet.

Callum L.

This is the EASIEST giving service to use. We are a church that hasn't even started gathering yet. We acquired an old church built in 1965 and are needing to repair the dilapidated buildings before we can meet. Raising over $100,000 all thru Nucleus Giving. Thank you!

Nucleus Customer

Nucleus is stellar. The easy-to-use tools are a complete game-changer in helping us manage our presence online and engage with our visitors and congregation. It's dead simple to use, and the ease at which I can train our volunteers to work with parts of Nucleus is such a blessing. On top of that, the response we're getting from our visitors and congregation with the Launcher and Flows is just fantastic.


This is crazy easy for anyone to design their website. Content is important, but design, in my opinion, might be more important because good design gets people to your content. Very easy for anyone to go in and edit or change around. Can do advanced widgets easily. The best part? The customer service and help is on point. They are not just prompt and helpful, they can be downright hilarious which turns around a frustrating moment. Customer service that is hilarious? Yup. It's a win.

Amanda D.

Just wanted to let you know that I had the easiest time getting approval from leadership for using Nucleus Giving. Y'all have done an amazing job on every product released so far, but this is a step above the rest. Once I laid out the information you gave, they said it was a no-brainer. Fastest meeting I've ever been a part of!

Nucleus Customer

I'm so grateful for the entire set of Nucleus tools, especially how Flows and the Next Steps Launcher are specifically built to support and encourage next steps. This is what matters! I'm not a web designer, and certainly not someone who has the training to be creating a website and other digital tools, but as easy and intuitive as the products are to set up and manage, the support is even better. I've never had a question the team or the community couldn't help me with - usually within minutes or hours! Honestly, our old website and app programs left me feeling drained and discouraged, but the entire Nucleus experience keeps me excited to continue serving our church and the Kingdom in this way.

Melissa S.

STOKED to get my church set up on Nucleus Giving! Pretty sure their current platform is more than a decade old. Thought no one used it, but turns out that in recurring giving alone (not counting a big campaign they're running), Nucleus Giving's pricing will end up saving them OVER $2k a year in fees - and that's if giving doesn't grow at all!

Nucleus Customer

Nucleus is simple to use, clean, and focused. It helps us clearly communicate our mission and vision to those who are seeking. Designed for mobile platforms, it easily adjusts to every size window, looking great on every device. Thanks to its sleek design and easy functionality, we got rid of our app. Between the removal of the app and the former website host, Nucleus saves us nearly $150 monthly!

Adam W.

I can honestly say, there are very few businesses out there where I feel like I’m friends with the leadership and on top of that feel like part of a family. The Nucleus fam is definitely one of those few! It’s almost unbelievable how much you all work so hard and do everything you can to help us all out all of the time. THANK YOU!

Shaun B.

I have been researching digital giving solutions online and recently discovered Nucleus Giving. I must have gone through more than 15 companies that offered similar features and costs; frankly, they all looked alike, and I was not that impressed until I came across Nucleus. Wow! Congratulations! You have developed a beautiful, simple product, with features no other provider offers. Also, your pricing philosophy is pure genius.

Joel C.

I have worked on a few other website building programs and of them all I find Nucleus to be the easiest to work and maintain. I actually enjoy working on our website instead of enduring the pain of having to work on the site.

Jason D.