Effortlessly email everyone in your church.

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“LOVING how messages aren’t going to junk/promo folders (unlike Mailchimp).”

– Briana., Administrator
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Get to know Nucleus Messages

Every Person

Unlimited Contacts

You’ll never get dinged with a higher price for reaching more people.

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Any Message

Unlimited Messages & Campaigns

We’ve eliminated “maximum number of monthly email sends” from our vocabulary.

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Every Leader

Unlimited Admins

Invite every leader and pastor you want to help manage your messages and follow-up.

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Any Segment

Unlimited Audiences

Create static segments for different ministries or dynamic audiences that automatically update as different forms are submitted.

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Email creation that’s as easy as sending an email to a friend.

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Bulk Import

Moving your list to Nucleus is as easy as copy and pasting your list of subscribers

Compliance & Deliverability

Even in troublesome clients like Outlook our customers report excellent deliverability


Auto-insert name attributes into to the body of your email and even the subject line

Campaign Scheduling

Write your email newsletter now and send it later

Auto Welcome Emails

Create per-campaign welcome emails that automatically send as new subscribers join

Customize Reply-To Email & Sender Name

Adjust parameters globally for all messages, per campaign, and even per-message

Unlimited follow-up sequences

A few examples of what you can do with Nucleus Messages:

  • Send three automatic follow-up emails to every person that fills out your Plan A Visit form
  • Schedule a reminder email to every attendee the day before an event
  • Build a devotional campaign that delivers every morning during 21 Days Of Prayer
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Friendly pricing for churches of all sizes. Try us free for 15 days.

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What’s Included?

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Messages & Campaigns

Unlimited Admins

Unlimited Audiences

Unlimited Follow-Up Sequences

Supercharge Your Nucleus

Upgrade your new church website with additional Nucleus products. Plus, unlock a 10% discount for every product you add. Save up to 30% on your entire subscription!


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Church media designs.

“This is our first year using Nucleus, but as it stands now, our engagement is up 53% from last year. The only thing different? Nucleus. Pretty cool.”

Jason, Pastor