Introducing New, Lower Pricing For Nucleus Giving

Brady Shearer
Brady Shearer
Oct 5, 2021
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Today, we’re very excited to announce new, lower pricing for Nucleus Giving.

Previously, Nucleus Giving was offered in a single, one-size-fits-all plan – we’ve now switched to a tiered system based on church size.

And we’ve decided to make this switch to ensure churches of every size (even smaller churches with smaller amounts in digital giving) enjoy monthly savings.

Prior to this public pricing change, we made scholarships available for smaller churches – but that required reaching out to support and an application process.

Now, those lower prices are immediately accessible.

New Nucleus Giving pricing plans

Here are the new pricing plans for Nucleus Giving (based on church size):

  • $29/month (50 people or less)
  • $49/month (125 people or less)
  • $79/month (275 people or less)
  • $99/month (550 people or less)
  • $199/month (551+ people or more – no limit!)
Image displaying various pricing plans for Nucleus Giving.

Get 2 months free on an annual plan

Want to save even more? Pay annually!

If you pay on a yearly billing cycle, we’ll give you 2 months free every year 🙂

Curious what those costs might look like?

Just add a zero to the listed monthly price above and that will be your yearly price. So $79/month becomes $790/year when you sign up on an annual plan.

How our pricing stacks up

To date, the average cost to churches using Nucleus Giving has been $62/month! ❤️


The average cost to a church on Nucleus Giving for a whole year, is half the cost of just one month on Pushpay.

A graphic comparing the average monthly and yearly costs of Nucleus Giving and Pushpay.

How is this possible?

Simply put, Nucleus Giving has the lowest fees in the industry because we don’t participate in rev-share.

Rev-share is standard practice in our industry whereby church giving providers artificially inflate processing fees to keep a part of every donation your church receives for themselves.

It’s often as small as a single percentage point, but in the end, it costs most churches thousands of dollars per year in lost donations.

The best part?

By eliminating rev-share, Nucleus Giving has helped churches reclaim millions of dollars in deserved donations. Even better? This hasn’t compromised our platform’s growth nor our ability to sustain a profitable business.

NOTE: Giving fees are notoriously complex, so we put together a transparent guide to make sense of it all – click here to start reading

The most affordable platform for both churches *and* donors

Nucleus Giving has processed hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to churches over the last few years.

Here’s what we found:

~70% of the donations given through Nucleus Giving were through bank account (ACH) gifts.

Meaning, the effective rate for fees on Nucleus Giving is just 0.63%.

This is dramatically lower than other platforms. And this effective rate is made possible by our unique pricing model (click here to read more about it).

Effective rate comparison chart.

Get started with Nucleus Giving

If your church hasn’t gotten started with Nucleus Giving, there’s never been a better time – click here to get started.

And if you’re a church currently using Nucleus Giving/RebelGive, you can’t switch to our new pricing plans just yet, but we are working on a process to allow for that in the coming months if you prefer to switch 🙂

– Brady Shearer, Creator of Nucleus

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