Nucleus For Easter 2022 (So Many Updates)

Brady Shearer
Brady Shearer
Apr 7, 2022
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Easter is just around the corner, and it’s already felt like a full year around here at Nucleus.

We’ve been busy working towards this moment, and as the end of this quarter draws near we wanted to take an opportunity to highlight some of the new features we’ve added to Nucleus over the past few months – as well as to show you how you can implement them and equip your church to help people take more next steps this Easter! 🥳

Five New Products

We kicked this year off with a bang, adding 5 new products to the Nucleus family:

  • The Launcher
  • Flows
  • People + Messages
  • Prayer
  • Giving

Each of these products is intentionally designed to help your church family take more next steps in their life with Jesus, and we’ve bolstered them all since their debuts in January to make them even more capable of helping with that task. As more people look to take more next steps at your church this Easter, here’s a few ways you can use these products to help facilitate that 👣

The Launcher

This is where all the magic happens. The Next Steps Launcher is a home for every next step in your church, working beautifully on any page of any website. The Launcher matches the style of your church so it fits right in on your site, and the possibilities are (literally) endless. Did we mention that it’s free for every church?

100% free. For every church. And it works on any website. Try it today..

Screenshot of a church website.

Add unlimited actions to the Launcher for as many next steps as you want to make available, and now you have one single location for every next step!

We recently made a helpful update to the Launcher that allows you to prompt your website visitors to take your featured action. Your Launcher will smoothly pop out the featured action of your choice allowing your church to jump right into that step and get moving. This could be particularly helpful this Easter for registering for your Easter services, filling out an I’m New Flow, or even an “I have decided!” Flow.

Read all about this release 🚀


Speaking of Flows, we very recently made an improvement to Flows that you’ve all been waiting for – conditional logic. Now you have the ability to ask prompting questions mid-flow and display the next step depending on the answer. Not only does this help you get the information you’re looking for, but it improves your Flow to be even more conversational, resulting in a better overall feel while also heightening the likelihood of the Flow being completed! 🙌

Three screenshots of mobile screens.

This Easter, consider using this in your Registration Flow. When registering, you can ask if this will be your guest’s first time at your church or not. If yes, you can now capture their contact information so you can follow up with them and welcome them to your Easter service for the first time. If no, they can continue with their registration because they likely already belong to your church.

Read all about this release 👣

People + Messages

Arguably our biggest update of the year, People+Messages now gives your church the ability to manage the personal information that people submit when filling out a Flow, and then a way to follow up with them through messaging to keep them engaged. There are endless ways to make use of Messages to keep your church members taking next steps in their journey, but this Easter a follow-up email sequence will be vital for you to follow up with guests that found their way to your church for the first time.

Automatically send this email option.

Use our new automatic and time-delayed email sequences to accomplish this! Now when you capture contact information through an I’m New, Registration, or I’ve Decided Flow, you can build a messaging audience dynamically with those people and initiate a messaging sequence to keep them engaged over the days, weeks, or months that follow.

Read all about this release 📬


One thing that newcomers and integrated members have in common is that we’re all in need, and those needs often take the form of prayer. Nucleus Prayer is the way to facilitate that spiritual practice through your website at your church. Not only do prayers get submitted to your pastoral or prayer team to be prayed for, but the all new Prayer Hub engages your church community in praying for each other!

Prayer is a free tool for every church, so get started this Easter!

Explore your faith website.

Prayers can now be securely published on your prayer wall for your church to submit and pray over. This helps to engage your church in active participation instead of passive spectating, and that’s what these products and this Easter season are all about 🙏

Read all about this release 🙏


Donations are frequently a part of worship on Easter Sunday. Using Nucleus Giving, the process for everyone is super simple and makes sure your church receive 100% of every gift. To help even more, add a short description to each Fund, so in the GivingFlow, your people can learn more as they choose how to allocate their gift.

Hope church website.

Learn more about Nucleus Giving 💰

Ready to get started?

Get started using these new Nucleus features today to be ready for Easter tomorrow. If you get stuck at all, reach out directly to the team of real people working here at Nucleus. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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