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You’ll save time and money with Nucleus

Nucleus reclaims money being spent on outdated and ineffective services in your church. Instead of paying for (and working to maintain) multiple platforms — you can just use Nucleus!

  • A single destination for every single next step at your church

    Nucleus Web is the all-in-one central hub for your church. Eliminate the need to pay extra for a separate mobile app and immediately reclaim budget being spent on over-printing bulletins and signup forms.

  • Daily, done-for-you social media posts

    A new social post for every day of the month - focused on meaningful engagement. Plus, unlimited customizations done by us to make each post uniquely yours. Nucleus Social allows you to leverage a full team of creatives for a fraction of the cost.

  • A beautiful home for every sermon

    Beautifully organize your messages with Nucleus Sermons. Custom playlists give you the power to arrange sermons in the ways that best fit your church’s needs. And our built-in podcasting system eliminates the need to pay for a third-party podcast host.

  • Keep 100% of every online donation - always

    Reclaim thousands of dollars worth of donations this year simply by switching to Nucleus Giving and our fixed-cost pricing model — where your church only pays for the platform. All other fees are covered by us, and your givers.

  • Unlimited 4K stock video downloads

    Traditional stock footage sites are prohibitively expensive for most churches. Instead of charging $200-$500 for a single clip, Nucleus Media gives you unlimited access to our entire 4K library. No download limits. No restrictions. No exceptions.

  • Powerful admin tools that are always simple to use

    You’ll find the entire Nucleus platform to be a joy to use - even if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy. No more struggling with complicated software and wasting hours trying to make minor changes or updates.

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Scholarships are available to you.

Nucleus pricing is made to be affordable for every church, but we know smaller or startup churches can sometimes need a little extra help getting started. If that sounds like you, please let us know.

Here are answers to some common questions:
It’s not hard to find someone who loves Nucleus
We were paying $100/month for our church app. Nucleus came along and shattered everything we knew about church websites and apps. A conservative estimate is 10 staff hours a week that we saved by moving from a church app and WordPress site to Nucleus. AND Nucleus outperforms everything else! Best decision I've made in my 4+ years of managing media for my church.”
Gabe Tringale
Worship Pastor
For years we used overpriced solutions for our sermon players that never integrated into our website, but with Nucleus Sermons, we finally have the all in one solution that the local church needs! This just saved our church and extra $179 dollars a month!
Worth Crowley
As a ‘small church’ pastor, the idea of Nucleus was a hurdle. I’m glad I got over that, and how! Nucleus has sparked our small church to begin adopting a medium-sized self image. #nolookingback
Dan Sparling

And they’re not the only ones. We hear new stories every day from churches making a difference with Nucleus.

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