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As a ‘small church’ pastor, the idea of Nucleus was a hurdle. I’m glad I got over that, and how! Nucleus has sparked our small church to begin adopting a medium-sized self image. #nolookingback
Dan Sparling
Nucleus was already great. But Nucleus Sermons is what put it over the top for us to move away from our app and consolidate our web presence into one single location
Craig Marsh
Worship Pastor
I was surprised to see the first person I saw use our Nucleus and fill out a form was an older woman in her late 60s. I think people aren't nearly as afraid of change as we may think.
Adam Townsend
It's hard to describe just how much of a gamechanger Nucleus Media is for filmmaking. The time and money I save are alone worth it, but Nucleus Media offers some of the highest quality footage I've ever seen. Better than anything I could film myself and in locations I could never visit. I'm blown away by how amazing this service is.
Josh Bissel
I'm a father of six that works two jobs. I was able to produce my first video in less than an hour as I waited for our garage door spring to be replaced. I have no idea how much time and effort this would have taken without Nucleus Media. To say this changes the game for people like me is an understatement.
As a brand new church plant, Nucleus has been invaluable! I have a full-time job, a family and I'm also the lead Pastor. I don't have time to figure out a complicated platform or spend too much time updating our website. Nucleus has been our answer! Easy and quick to implement and update. Also, instead of a complicated slew of clipboards and sign-ups at our welcome table, it now happens online!
Barry Hughes
For years we used overpriced solutions for our sermon players that never integrated into our website, but with Nucleus Sermons, we finally have the all in one solution that the local church needs! This just saved our church and extra $179 dollars a month!
Worth Crowley
Nucleus was a game changer for all communications in our church. Even those that aren't tech-savvy have been able to utilize this new tool. It has greatly improved where we want to go as a church.
Juan Camacho
I have been researching digital giving solutions online and recently discovered RebelGive. I must have gone through more than 15 companies that offered similar features and costs; frankly, they all looked alike, and I was not that impressed until I came across RebelGive. Wow! Congratulations! You have developed a beautiful, simple product, with features no other provider offers. Also, your pricing philosophy is pure genius.
Joel Calleiro
Nucleus Media is incredible! Not only does it save money, but it is HUGELY helpful because individual clips are grouped together in scenes. I can get as many clips as I want from a specific scene, and it looks phenomenal! Couldn't be happier!
Katie Winton
I always struggled with finding stock video clips that fit within our budget. But with Nucleus Media, I now have unlimited access to thousands of video clips for the same price as just one clip from other websites.
Ryan Nearhood
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